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 bariBari, a senior at Maumee Valley, has never participated in a school organized winterim. The prospect of traveling with her 13 compatriots is both terrifying and exciting to her.  She enjoys listening to Cat Stevens or Simon and Garfunkle while peering over her large tortoise shell glasses to not-so-discreetly sketch unsuspecting elderly folks.




  Emma is a senior at Maumee Valley who loves consuming unnecessarily large amounts of caffeine and reading Russian novels. She looks forward to seeing the United States by train and wearing her favorite four sweaters for the next two weeks.


 finnFinnegan flaps his gums at a constant rate with hopes of spouting off accidentally deep statements, funny jokes, and the more than occasional quote.  To him, time spent well is time spent reading, writing, and discussing whatever odd thoughts happen to pass through his head.  He is a man of simple pleasures - a cozy seat, a warm cup of coffee, and silence.  He likes the silence.



  Grace is a junior at Maumee Valley who has been attending the school since 4th grade. She spends most of her time involved in MV sports or other extracurriculars. She is co-class president of the junior class, a member of the cheer and field hockey teams, and sings with the chamber vocal ensemble. When she’s not completing her homework, she enjoys spending time with her fairly large family and friends. Having never learned her states and respective capitals in lower school, Grace is excited to travel the country and experience the different cities in America first hand.



  Hannah is a senior at Maumee Valley, and has been a student at the school since preschool. She is a member of the chamber vocal ensemble, choir, drama club, GSA, Afro-Am club, and community service club. She enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and being outdoors. She hasn’t currently been to any of the locations that are on the itinerary for this winterim, so she is looking forward to visiting and exploring these new places.



 henryHenrique is the sole Brazillian student in the senior class at Maumee Valley. He plans on going to Chicago for film college when he graduates. Henrique has never been on a proper train and is extremely excited. He enjoys long walks on the beach and the works of Queen (which is clearly superior to Led Zeppelin).




  Matt is currently a senior at mvcds high school and is (shockingly) very excited for the opportunity to travel the US. Prior to this he has been able to travel the whole of southwest Toledo but despite these similar circumstances, he believes he has at least a little more to learn about The States. With his primary interests being variations of engineering he hopes to see how people interact differently with advancing technology through various cultures.   



  Olivia is a senior at Maumee Valley and enjoys eating mac and cheese on the regular. Olivia plans on attending Harvard in the fall on a full academic scholarship studying pre-medicine. As an avid camper, Olivia has traveled cross country many times and looks forward to exploring the country by train. She probably overpacked.




  This is Ryan. How can you describe such a man in words alone? A few that come to mind: ambitious, charismatic, passionate, a man of few but meaningful words. A senior in high school, he will be attending Miami University in the fall. He is very excited for the chance to travel the US and experience so many different cities within our country.




  Samantha, a junior at Maumee Valley, likes to read, loves to write, and is ready to go Amtrekkin’! She’s never traveled by train before, or ever visited most of the cities we’ll be visiting, so she’s excited for a new adventure. For someone who gets nervous trying new things, Samantha might seem the wrong choice for a Winterim centered around new places, new food, and new people, but don’t be fooled; armed with her pen and her bright pink suitcase, she’s set to take this country by storm!



 Trevor is a junior at Maumee Valley attending his second year.  He is the only American living in the International Dorm (Dayal House), and has had many great experiences thus far.  He’s traveled across the country before but not to the destinations that will be hit on this trip.  Having only traveled by airplane and never by train, this will be an exciting and new experience to both learn and enjoy American culture.   



  Will is a junior at Maumee Valley. He enjoys reading, acting, and people watching, and though he should probably be scared of the sheer amount of writing required for this trip, he is unashamed to admit he is instead excited. He is not, however, excited for the lack of sleep and the lack of the finer things in life - such as daily showers. Despite this, he is ready to travel the country as the pioneers did: with the spirit of adventure and a distinct lack of care for his personal appearance.

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