Maybe a One-Time Thing

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 I've always heard stories about L.A. "Oh it's filled with people who just want to be movie stars" or "L.A. has all the crazy people". I think if you're talking about Hollywood specifically then yes that could easily fit the description, but for L.A. as a whole I don't think that's true. After talking to Grace's uncle and his girlfriend they seem to have plenty of thoughts on Hollywood and how it compares to L.A. as a whole. They seemed to think and know that no one who lives in L.A. really goes to Hollywood and that it's more for all the tourists and people just moving to L.A. They both agreed if we come back to L.A. we should visit everything else and not just Hollywood because they seemed to strongly believe that Hollywood isn't the real L.A. and that it's more of a one time thing for anyone.

Back to Hollywood, I was amazed with the amount of people trying to give people things or sell stuff on the sidewalks. Most of it being junk and scams, especially the blank CD we got from some guy claiming that it contained his new "mix tape". People had plenty of ways to try and make their money, the people dressed up would wait until you took a picture with them and would then tell you that you needed to pay for it, or the classic hand you something and then tell you it costs money or ask for some mandatory donation.

Overall I would say Hollywood was most definitely nothing like I have ever experienced before. The environment was different with all of the really unique people and constant harassment walking up and down Hollywood Boulevard along with our warm welcoming bomb threat in the metro station that occurred not too long after we arrived from that exact place. Hollywood was quite the experience and if I came back to L.A. I'd probably be able to skip the boulevard.