A Little Piece of Latin America

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I would consider the city of Albuquerque to be a very bi-cultural city, I have been told that over 40% of the population is considered Hispanic, you can tell from the architecture of the houses in the neighborhoods that we walked through, the houses remind me a little bit of where I am from, differently from the houses over in Ohio, the houses are made from bricks and concrete instead of wood, in my opinion that makes them look cozy-er than the ones in Ohio.

The Albuquerque Hispanic Cultural Center shows the cities love for its second culture. The cultural center is full of Hispanic art made by locals or non-locals who send them in. Our guide, Ken, explained how a lot of institutions don't even recognize Hispanic art as a genre of art, he also explained how some institutions that do accept Hispanic art as its own genre, but don't take in the art for it being too low profile, the guide said that the Cultural Center accepts the art from the people who get rejected and add it to their collection. Th e Center also was having an exhibition about African culture in Brazil, that would be there for a limited time, one thing that I noticed from the exhibition, and from the Cultural Center as a whole, is that it is not focused on showing big, famous pieces of art, and instead showing smaller, local pieces of art, for example, I think I was able to identify only one of the pieces there, which I saw in History book once, most of the stuff in there I had never seen before in my life, and I am from the place those come from.

In the Cultural Center, we also met some people who talked about the culture of Albuquerque, one of them was Elfida, or Effy as people call her. She came to Albuquerque from Los Angeles when she was younger and has been in the city since then, she said that, when she came to Albuquerque, she was surprised to find out that there was such a huge Hispanic population, how it felt like there was a greater sense of community, and how there was very little, if any at all, discrimination from the people.

From what I have heard and seen from Albuquerque, I think that it must be a terrific place for people who were born South of the border and are now in the United States.