Sushi in L.A.

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I have never had a very good relationship with food, I have been told by family members that I used to eat anything that that you put in front of me. I used to eat carrots raw like Bugs Bunny and buckets of cooked beans, but then I went and spent two years in the United States with my parents, and ever since I came back, I have been a terribly picky eater. I don't know what happened while I was here as a kid, but I haven't been able to eat like I did back then, I don't eat salad and I absolutely despise beans, I think they taste awful, so, being who I am, I was not excited when I found out that we were going to have sushi for dinner in Los Angeles.

I have had sushi before we went on this trip, but I would say that experience was not a good demonstration of what sushi is like, in hindsight, there is no way that sushi could be considered "good", even to people who do like sushi, the sushi was made by my cousins, and I am pretty sure it was their first time making it, it had a tiny piece of fish, surrounded by a ton of cold rice, and wrapped in thick seaweed, it was also way too big. To put it lightly, I thought that sushi was one the worst things I had ever eaten in my whole life, so expectations were at an all time low walking into the restaurant, and I can say that my expectations were surpassed, but not by much, I still think it is awful, but it didn't make want to throw up.

The waiter brought in the sushi that we ordered, and the first thing that I noticed was how much smaller each sushi was compared to the ones I had eaten, three of the restaurant's sushi were the equivalent of one of my cousin's, so I knew at least that problem had been solved. Then I looked at the inside of the sushi and saw how many more ingredients there were in each roll, at that point I got hopeful that maybe I just had a really bad experience before and that these were actually going to be good, and then I ate one and realized that I still don't like sushi. I still hate the taste of it, the consistency, and the fact that it is cold, but, it was a lot better than I remembered so I suppose that's a positive. I also decided in my infinite wisdom to taste a little bit of wasabi, and best comparison I can come up with is mixing a bunch of leaves with sulfuric acid and then putting it in your tongue, it wasn't very good. In conclusion, even though I have been told that the sushi we had was the best my friends had ever had, my opinion of it has not changed, and I still don't ever want to eat it again.