The Huck Finn

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I have been to a lot of hotels in my life, back when I was younger, me, two cousins of mine, and their father, used to go on car trips in which we had a destination, but outside of that no actual planning regarding where we would stay or what we would do when we got there, so we ended up staying in a few places that were not very good. I think specifically of the time we went to Itanhaem in the southern coast of Sao Paulo, in which we were stuck in a tiny hotel room because it wouldn't stop raining. However, I have never seen something like the Huck Finn hostel in St. Louis.

The Huck Finn hostel was supposed to be where we would spend the night during our stay in St. Louis. Our stay there was planned out months before we left for the trip, but I imagine no one actually saw the place before actually getting to the city. We got of the station in the morning and took the bus, after walking for a bit we got to the location where the hostel was supposed to be, and we could not find the entrance to the hostel, after a minute of searching we discovered a small back alley with a sign saying "Hostel Lobby", we went there and found the lobby, which consisted of a tiny room off of the alley connected to the men's dorm room. We entered the men's dorm room where there were 7 beds, 6 bunk beds and 1 which was just a mattress thrown on the floor, in one of the beds was an Asian man sleeping, which was not supposed to happen, since the school does not allow it. In the girls' room, the only toilet was broken, and there was a 50-year-old lady who was going to stay there. Outside was a broken down truck, a soda vending machine older than I am, and an army of cats which I assume lived there. It looked like the set of a horror film.

We left there to go to a cafe, but some of us had to go back to pick something up, and found out that the doors were wide open, and that the manager had just left it that way with all of our stuff inside, that's when we decided that we would leave the place. When we went back to the hostel, we went to the outside area and found a goose and a chicken along with the army of cats watching us. Seeing that, we rushed in, took our stuff and got out of there as quickly as possible. We went to a hotel after the whole thing was over, and I can say I was not sad in the least that we did not spend the night there.