Band: The Movie

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When we went to the concert in Austin, I noticed something while watching the Boss Street band perform, and that is how you could fit most of the band members into movie character stereotypes, and since I am very big into movies I imagined what the characters would be like. I am not saying that any of this is true, and I don't really know these people and I don't believe they are anything like I write here, I am merely creating comparing them to character stereotypes and cliches from movies.

That being said, I will start of with the guy who seems like the leader of the band; he is an young man, whose dream has always been to create his own band and to become a famous musician, so he gathered a group of people in order to form his very own band, he is very informal, likes to slack off, and can be impulsive sometimes, but has good intentions and has a heart of gold. The next character is the hard-working "smart guy" of the group, he has been training to become a musician since he was very young, his father was a musician too, but he retired, the "smart guy" promised his dad that he would become a famous musician, and he takes that promise very seriously, he is the polar opposite of the leader and constantly clashes with him due to their differences, but they remain friends and rivals, even when they fight, he joined the band because he thinks it might take him closer to his objective of becoming a famous musician. After that comes the older, wise member of the band, he is a retired musician who used to be famous, but he retired after a disagreement with one of his band mates, the leader looks up to him since he was a kid and he was invited to the band out of the leader's respect for him, he is wise and, even though he is old, is still a great musician, he joined the in order to get one last shot at glory. Then, come the comedy relief characters, first the overweight member of the band, no one knew he played until the leader overheard him practicing one day, he was then invited to the band, he likes telling jokes and acts super friendly with everyone, he is clumsy and does a lot of slapstick humor because of it, the reason he joined the band is because it would be a great way to make friends, he is also the one that solves the fights between the leader and the smart guy. Finally, there is the foreign band member, he also serves as comedy relief, he has been learning how to play ever since he was a kid and found an instrument somewhere, the leader has known him since they were kids so he invites him because he knows him, he joins the band just for the fun of playing in a band.

Those are the characters that imagined for the band members, I haven't thought of story for the movie, but I can say some of the important parts: the band gets together, they have their first important show, its a success, they become semi-successful, a disagreement happens between the leader and the smart guy, the band breaks up for a bit, but they reunite over their love of music, and continue playing as a great band. Of course this all just comes from my imagination after watching a concert in Austin, but I find it interesting how I managed to make all that up from just that.