Going to a Concert

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I have only been to one concert before going to Austin, it was for a Samba band called Exaltasamba, the concert was part of their final tour before they split up to have career as individual artists. I am not a fan of Samba, I don't detest it but I am not interested in it, the only reason I went to the concert was because it was going to happen in the town my cousins lived in when I was visiting them, one of my cousins wanted to go, but his brother didn't, so he said that he would go if I went, expecting me to say I wouldn't go, because of that I decided to go, just to frustrate him. The concert itself wasn't very good, as I have said, I am not a fan of Samba, but also the actual band took way too long to show up, so they had the openers go on for way too long, and they were really bad, every once in a while they would do that thing than singers do in shows where they point the microphone at the audience so that they will sing a part of the song, and the audience just stayed dead quiet. That being said, the concert in Austin was a completely different story.

The concert that we went to see In was for a band called The Swamp Island Brass Band. It took place in a little bar close to our hostel called Parish, so the entire situation of concert was different. This time the show was at a smaller place with a mostly unknown band. When we got there, the place was not very full at all. If I were to guess, I would say that there were close to twenty people in the area where the concert was going to take to take place, so when we got there, we kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. We looked way too young to be there, specially when our group sat in one of the sides of the room and started looking at our phones, we looked like a bunch of 10-year-old's who were dragged by their parents to somewhere they didn't want to go. That changed when the openers for the band started playing, the band was called the Boss Street Band, and they were awesome.

The band started playing a few minutes late and in the middle of their first song had the entire place on their feet, and it got better as the show went on. They played mostly original songs, and a couple of brass covers of other songs, the music they played was very exciting, there was not a single song that slowed down, and even though a lot of their stuff sounded very similar, it was all really good. The band itself was also very exciting, there were eight people in the band and they looked like they were having a great time, they also were great at interacting with the crowd and even addressed us directly at the beginning of the show for staying sat down. After they stopped playing, we decided to leave Parish and call it a night, not just because we were exhausted, but because we were more than satisfied with the show we had, we didn't even wait for the main event. This concert was infinitely superior to the one I went to before, even if the band and the place were considerably smaller and less famous.