The Wrong Foot

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St. Louis is one of those cities you've hear about, but never visit, well known for one thing that isn't really that exciting, but worth a mention. When we got to St. Louis, cold and a little bit hungry, our hope for the city was dashed by the extremely sketchy hostel we were to be staying in. The floors seemed as though they could break at any moment, the walls were covered in odd water stains, and the beds were less than friendly. For a little while my excitement for visiting St. Louis was shattered. But, as we drank our coffees and worked on our blogs, we were delighted with the news that we would be moving into a hotel right across from the train station for the night.

The plush carpets, adequate lighting, and king sized beds almost brought a tear of joy to my eyes. The clean bathrooms and running water gave us the energy we needed to tackle the St. Louis arch, so we made our way to the monument. As we rose higher and higher up it's 630 feet, the tight pods we were in coupled with the poor ventilation started to make me feel a tad bit sick. When we reached the top, the 6" by 1' windows displayed the most beautiful view of the city imaginable. Every building, every body of water, and every cloud could be seen. We were so high up that you could see neighboring cities off in the distance. So, although we had started off on the wrong foot, St. Louis had not failed us.