Fam Bam

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It's odd getting to know people you have known of for years. You see their faces in the halls or at sporting events, but you don't actually know anything about them. You have presumptions based on what you hear about them, and assumptions based on how they look, but their true character is unknown. When Winterim started, I only really knew two other Amtrekkers, but even those two I didn't know very well. As we traveled through cities we'd never been to, slept in slightly shady hostels together, and ate burger after burger, I started to get to know those around me. I had never even spoken to half of them, having no classes or friends in common, and in some cases this was probably a good thing, but in others, I felt like I had been missing out on knowing someone that I got along with so well. How could we have been going to school together for so long without being friends, what a waist of time. As the group spent more and more time together, our true characters started to shine through, and many of us became annoying and sometimes unbearable to be with in such close quarters. I am the first to admit that my humor is not enjoyed by many, and also the first to admit that I like it that way. Everyone in our group became an Amtrekkin family, sharing the same parents (Dr. Barnes and Rollie) and being forced to go on a fun vacation together, but still quietly resenting each other just the slightest bit. I think, in this way, we will always be a little bit like siblings.