Slow Ride

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This trip has gone surprisingly really slow for me and I've heard some others say the same. I'm not sure why though it's been really fun and isn't the saying "time flies when you're having fun"? Maybe it's because of how little sleep we get and it makes the days seem longer, or maybe just these dreadful train rides, or the long delays, who knows. Yet, here we are sitting on our last train ride leg for some 12 or more hours without a night to sleep it away. This could quite possibly feel longer than the entire trip for us, just thinking about home and being back in Toledo. Yeah, we all have a few of these blogs to write to take up some time, but what happens after I finish this? Play cards? Watch a movie? Eat? Or there's always looking out this window in the lounge car watching field after field go by. I guess we'll figure something out. I really enjoyed the trip though, now that we're at this point and can think about everything we did and all that we experienced and the people we came across. I'm glad I got to visit some of these cities now and how we did because I doubt I'll be doing it again. Not because it wasn't good, but because some of the cities we stopped at I would've never thought about going to on my own. However, as far as trains go, they provided a nice way to view the landscape as we traveled, but I think I'll stick to planes. It was a good experience to have and I'm not regretting it. Lets just hope we don't get delayed.