Follow the Leader

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Everyone got their turn at leading their city with their partner; some seemed easier than others. The entire trip I had been sitting back and not really thinking about what it could be like since I was in charge of the last city, St. Louis. However, once we got on the train headed for St. Louis over night, I started to think about our itinerary. What do we do when we get off? Do we know where to go? Do we have enough stuff to do? All of these thoughts started to trickle throughout my mind. I wouldn't say I was nervous, I was just hoping everything went smoothly without too many major obstacles.

When we got off the train no one looked happy. It was at first, like trying to lead a bunch of zombies around. Everyone was so unresponsive and tired from the subpar sleep we all got on the train. Going to the café more some people perk up a little, but by the time we got to the hostel... I think everyone got about ten times worse than they were before when we first got off the train. But when, for multiple reasons, we decided to not stay at the hostel and go to a hotel instead, everyone lit up just about jumped with joy. This seemed to be the best way imaginable at this point to end off the trip. And to make things better, the hotel was right across the street from the station so we got to have lots of extra sleep, not to mention they didn't have any regular rooms left so we all got to have suites.

Anyway, after we got this news, everyone was happy and kicked off to our awesome day in St. Louis, going up the gateway arch, eating some really good food, and ending the night with some local bowling. Overall, leading a city would've been close to the last thing I wanted to do, but as things got better it was actually pretty fun and I guess I'd be willing to do it again. I'd say St. Louis turned out to be a success.